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Tuesday 23 October, 7 - 9pm

EMOTIONALLY CONFIDENT: FREE TO BE ME is a one night event held at Riccarton Community Church and also available to view by LIVE STREAM

Tuesday, October 23

Cost of Tickets for LIVE EVENT or LIVE STREAM: $20 (unwaged); $30 (waged); $50 (couple)

Presenter: Richard Black

Emotional confidence is a sense of inner security that enables you to be comfortably yourself in different situations and in the face of different pressures. When you lack this sense of security you will reach for different habits, props, or addictions.


Richard Black has worked with many people to help them locate the cause of their unhelpful patterns of behaviours  - habits like pleasing people, perfectionism, comfort eating, remaining silent, procrastinating, getting angry, critical, watching porn, drivenness, or addicted to work.

Many people unwittingly live their lives out of their unfinished business. They carry around a sense of themselves that feels very familiar but has never been true. In Jesus, you are a new creation. What has been does not define you. Confidence comes as you discover who you really are and not who you think you are. 

In this seminar, Richard will share the insights and tools he uses to help many people discover what is driving and undermining them, as well as helping them see themselves more accurately and live with emotional confidence. 

This seminar is open to all and is also suitable for teenagers. This seminar has a Christian basis.


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