Life Smart Essentials

Tools for life and discipleship


In these 3 day, or 6 evening courses, you will be guided in applying essential tools to thrive in life.  Cost: $250


                             Renew Your Mind

                                – Revolutionise your mind and your life





                           Emotionally Strong

                               – Retrain your emotions and grow emotional intelligence






                             Empowered Living

                              – Heal your past, empower your present, ignite your future






                              People Smart

                              – Relate with maturity, even to difficult people






Renew Your Mind 

        – Revolutionise your mind and your life


You were made for freedom and yet many people

continue to struggle in different areas of their life.

Wherever you believe a lie in your life you will find

yourself limited and restrained. Negative thoughts, moods and habits will also result. Transformation comes through the renewing of our mind. Learn how to renew your mind and with that to better allow God’s Spirit to transform every aspect of your life.

In this course:
• Gain a biblical framework for the human condition 
• Learn the forgotten connection in our transformation
• Understand how your mind works
• Locate the lies that limit your life 
• Correct bad habits of the mind
• Find the truth that brings freedom
• Know your true identity 

You will be taught insights and tools and will also be guided in applying them to your life so that you experience greater transformation.





 Emotionally Strong

           - Retrain your emotions and grow emotional intelligence


Feelings, emotions, and moods govern our life whether we are aware of it or not. Many feel they are at the mercy of their feelings and that their situation will need to change for them to feel differently.


The good news is that we are able to train our feelings.

In this course learn how emotions work, discover what is behind powerful emotions of depression, anxiety and anger, and find the skills needed to heal emotions that are limiting or damaging your life.


• learn about the building blocks of your emotions

• discover the cause of your emotional reactivity

• find ways to heal past hurts

• discover the source of your habits

• unpack what is at the heart of anger, anxiety, and depression

Empowered Living

      - Heal your past ● Empower your present ● Ignite your future


Many people feel stuck in life. They don’t feel like they are living life to the fullest. Regrets from the past or difficulties in the present can leave a sense of powerless-ness or frustration.

Discover new ways of thinking that enable you to thrive in the present and direct you towards your preferred future.

In this course learn how to:


Heal from past events, whether it relates to what you may have done, or what may have happened despite you.

Regain your power in the present and discover ways of becoming proactive.

Plan for and create a better future.


Become empowered!

People Smart

    – Relate with maturity, even to difficult people

Many people live in reaction to people but are unaware that what they are experiencing has more to do with what's going on in them. As a result they can also struggle to communicate clearly and respectfully what they are thinking, feeling and needing. In this course discover the key aspects that make you tick and where some of your bad habits come from; learn how to communicate constructively with difficult people; and grow in ways of communicating that enable you to ask for what you need, negotiate for what you want, and protect your personal boundaries.

• Trust as the foundation of all relationships

• Boundaries

• The underlying drivers of different ‘personality’ types

• Grow beyond different dysfunctional relating styles

• Assertiveness, negotiation and communicating well

• Understanding male-female communication and mindsets

• Grow closer intimate relationships


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